How can we be sustainable and save money?

Implementing sustainable cleaning and disinfection protocols can improve our bottom line as it implies, among others, a responsible use of cleaning and disinfection products, strictly complying with food safety requirements. 

At SUCITESA we invest all our resources in developing new products and systems that facilitate the cleaning and disinfection tasks of our clients without harming the environment.

The restaurant sector is a sector that is very aware of the circular economy, implementing and promoting healthy eating, local products Km 0, seasonal products, energy efficiency, etc.

What about cleaning and disinfection? How can we improve our processes?

Dishwashers detergents and rinse aids for dishwashers and conveyor dishwashers are one of the most consumed products and that generate the most waste in the hospitality industry, which is why at SUCITESA we have developed a new range of NATURSAFE CARE WASHMATIC and NATURSAFE CARE RINSEMATIC products that has the following advantages:

1.- Decrease in plastic waste

We are all aware of the excessive generation of plastic waste and the enormous problem it poses for the environment. The SGS system consists of a flexible plastic bag inside a cardboard box, a system that allows us to reduce the carbon footprint since it is 100% recyclable.

2.- ECOLABEL Formula with ecological ingredients

It is not easy to find products formulated with organic ingredients capable of meeting the requirements in terms of hygiene and disinfection in food areas. The SGS range has the perfect balance between the degreasing power of an industrial chemical product and the formulation with ecological ingredients that respect the environment.


3.- Concentrated products with higher performance

Using products with a high% of active material allows the necessary dosage to be adjusted to a minimum and greatly increases the performance of the product. With the SGS range we can reduce product consumption by more than 40%.

4.- Versatile

Minimizing the references in the warehouse allows us to better manage the stock, space and resources. Being able to use the same detergent and rinse aid reference that can be used in places where we do not have much space that also covers a wide range of water hardness.

5.- Safe use

Ensuring that our workspace is safe for workers and clients, avoiding direct handling of chemicals, automating dosages to eliminate waste is a challenge for us. SUCITESA prioritizes the safety associated with the use of our products under the premise of ZERO LABOR ACCIDENTS. The SGS range incorporates the color code system, a very intuitive visual system that avoids errors when handling the product.

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