Cleaning trolleys what are they and what are their main characteristics?

Cleaning trolleys are an indispensable tool for transporting utensils from one place to another for cleaning tasks. They allow moving around taking all the material with them in an orderly manner without having to carry weight, they avoid unnecessary movements, thus greatly increasing productivity. The cleaning trolleys are a mirror of our company, it projects the customer’s brand image and generates greater confidence in cleaning.

There are many types of cleaning trolleys, depending on the needs of each client and space, but all of them must meet these 6 characteristics:

1.- Robust: historically the trolleys were built in stainless steel, a robust but very heavy material. Currently the trolleys are made of polypropylene, being the CAST or CPP polypropylene the best material since it is lighter, has a higher chemical resistance and can be in oxidizing environments or outdoors without deteriorating.

2.- Resistant: the trolleys are subjected to a lot of weight and in addition, during use, force is exerted on it when pressing or draining, it is important to make sure that its structure is strong enough to avoid deformities.

3.- Light and easy to move: once the trolley is loaded with all the material, it must allow its mobility and easy handling in any space, especially in confined spaces. It must be able to safely allow transportation by helping us overcome obstacles such as a step or elevator without falling or splashing.

4.- Ergonomic and safe: its design should facilitate transport, avoiding bad postures and reducing efforts. Some models incorporate doors with security locks to prevent third parties from misusing them.

5.- Silent: they should not make noises that disturb customers to be able to use them in any space such as hospitals or clinics.

6.- Adaptable: being able to have different accessories depending on the needs of each space without having to buy a new one. Accessories for traditional mop and bucket scrubbing systems, accessories for mop scrubbing and accessories for pre-soak scrubbing.

You can check our range of cleaning carts here.

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