Air fresheners in professional hygiene: what you need to know

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to changes in our consumption habits, among others, it has greatly increased interest in our well-being, both at work, at home and in our free time. Air fresheners, with differential olfactory properties, contribute to our well-being by making our lives more pleasant, making us feel better by associating aroma with cleanliness.

Olfactory trends

The latest trends in perfumery show that customers are interested in notes that are less strident, more sophisticated, unisex perfumes and notes inspired by natural products, such as iris notes or transparent floral notes.

How are perfumes perceived?

Humans have structures called sensory receptors located in different regions of our body that communicate with our brain in response to the stimuli we receive from the environment around us. They can receive and process both physical stimuli (sensory, auditory, tactile) and chemical stimuli (taste and smell). It is estimated that humans have approximately 400 olfactory receptors.

Perfumes are a mixture of different aromatic compunds where each of them generates a different response on each olfactory receptor.

Aromachology is the science that studies the effect perfumes have on our emotions. Knowing these effects will help us choose the right fragrance to create different environments, enhance activities and generate a positive memory for our customers.

Olfactory piramid

The olfactory pyramid allows us to identify the notes that make up a certain aroma. Although less than 12 are usually highlighted, a perfume can have more than 200 different ingredients. The pyramid or olfactory circle indicates the notes that we perceive as the perfume evolves.

  • Top notes: they are the lightest, the first to be perceived, those responsible for giving the first impression. They are usually fresh, citrus notes.
  • Heart notes: they are more complex and rich in nuances, they form the soul of the fragrance. They are usually floral and fruity notes.
  • Base notes: they are responsible for giving depth and intensity to the fragrances. They are usually woody, amber, musky or mossy notes. 

Characteristics of the ideal air-freshener

  • That manages to connect aroma with brand – exclusivity
  • Long lasting effect – maximize the duration of the aroma
  • That manages to associate aroma with cleanliness
  • Being able to eliminate bad odor
  • Do not stain clothing or surfaces
  • Not classified for allergic sensitivity

What do our air fresheners offer? 

We have worked to achieve excellence in the field of air freshener and meet all the requirements of the ideal air freshener. We offer four scent collections for four types of environments. 

  • ZEN COLLECTION for elegant, sober and warm atmospheres
  • BLOOM COLLECTION for lively, cheerful and creative atmospheres
  • CLEAN COLLECTION for modern and minimalist atmospheres
  • VINTAGE COLLECTION for classic and heterogeneous atmospheres

You can consult our range of air fresheners in this link:

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