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High power Wet&Dry vacuum cleaner.

Product properties

Motor power: 3 X 100W / 3000 W.Suction power: 2200 mmSS.3 Swich ON/OFF waterproof.Tank capacity: 60 lt water / 35 lt dust.4 wheels, 2 of 75 mm and 2 of 160 mm, for easy mobility.Flexible hose 2.4 meters, 2 stainless steel extensions. 1 rubber nozzle for floor, 1 nozzle for hard floor, 1 carpet nozzle, 1 circular brush nozzle, 1 nozzle for small spaces, 1 carpet shampoo nozzle.Type of motor By-Pass, double stage.Cable length 10 m / 2 x 1.5 mm².Stainless steel tank.Easy drain hose Ø34 mm.Polypropylene vacuum cleaner base with push handle.Weight 29.5 Kg.Guarantee 2 years in manufacturing defects.

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