Micromop 45

How to use



Pocket Anchoring:.Place the mop in the support taking care that the flaps are correctly adjusted.Wet sweep:.Spray the product onto the mop or cloth.Wait a few moments and start to clean.Scrubbing:.Moisten the mop with the cleaning solution.Clean as usual.Anchoring strips:.Place the mop on the bracket fixing the strips on the clips.Wet sweep:.Spray the product onto the mop or cloth.Wait a few moments and start to clean.Scrubbing:.Insert the mop in the scrubbing bucket.Wring out until you have the required level of dampness.Proceed to clean as usual.WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: do not use softener.Washing temperature at a maximum of 95° C, drying at a maximum of 60° C.Do not wash with other textiles. Do not mix colors.

Product properties

Dry, wet or pre-impregnation cleaning.Washable surfaces.Ecological, reduces water and detergent consumption.Resistant in daily cleaning tasks, especially with alkaline detergents or chlorinated products.Ideal for damp mopping of floors and for polishing surfaces.Double frame anchoring system:.* Anchoring strips for use with vertical press.* Anchoring with pockets for use with pre-impregnation system.Maximum scrubbing power and absorption of dust, grease and any engrained dirt.Does not scratch or leave behind fluff, traces or prints.Suitable for professional kitchens, hotels, restaurants, healthcare centres, colleges, sport centers and other activities which require excellent hygiene.

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