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How to use

Mop holder.


Pocket Anchoring:.Place the mop in the support taking care that the flaps are correctly adjusted.Anchoring strips:.Place the mop on the bracket fixing the strips on the clips.Clean as usual.

Product properties

Structure to place the mop.Allows easy mop positioning without hand contact.Recommended use: MICROMOP 45.Maneuverable support that facilitates vertical and horizontal cleaning.It allows to work in a very comfortable way even under the furniture.Versatile system: double anchoring system.* Mops with strap anchor: allows to wipe off the mop without removing it from the frame.* Mops with pocket anchoring: the support slides smoothly on the surface of the mop.Ideal for damp mopping of floors and for polishing surfaces.Dry, wet or pre-impregnation cleaning.

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