Aquagen 2dose green tea 1l – 1 L

How to use

Neutral detergent. Extra perfumed effect.


FLOORS: Dilute 2-10 ml/l of the product in water. Wash in the usual way.Vary the dosage according to the level of dirtiness and the desired intensity of the perfume.It´s advisable to use the product at room temperature and not to use water above 40ºC to assure the perfume´s stability.This product is perfect for cleaning all kind of floors and surfaces that can tolerate wet cleaning.

Product properties

Releases the perfume intensely and in a prolonged way in time, enhancing its pleasant effect.Does not require rinsing.Self drying.Use manually or with a scrubbing machine.

Hygiene and disinfection solutions

for your business

  • Improves operational performance
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduce your environmental impact and achieve your sustainability goals
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