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SANIGEN ALCA 45 BP 20 – 20 L

SANIGEN ALCA 45 BP 20 – 20 L

How to use

Alkaline cleaner.Hard water.


CIP systems and spray washing: Dosage: 0.5-4 ml / l.Immersion: Dose: 0.5-2 ml / l.Washing temperature: cold wash and up to 50 ° C.The contact time depends on the level of dirt, type of application and temperature.Rinse the treated surfaces thoroughly with water until all product residues are completely eliminated.Don’t apply on aluminium, copper or metallic galvanized surfaces, or any other delicate surface to alkaline pH.

Product properties

Powerful general purpose degreaser.Foam control and easy rinse.Dissolves and eliminates all types of production waste in the food industry, including very embedded dirt.It can be used in a wide variety of applications, spray, bottle washing, immersion, etc.

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