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LAVICOM AP CP 10 – 10 Kg

LAVICOM AP CP 10 – 10 Kg

How to use



Dose in the pre-wash and main wash depending on the level of soil and type of clothing (color or white).Lightly soiled (g/ Kg clothes): 0,5-1 (prewash) /1-2 (wash).Normally soiled (g/ Kg clothes): 1-2 (prewash) / 2-4 (wash).Heavy soiled (g/ Kg clothes): 2-3 (prewash) /4-6 (wash).Automatic use in LAVAMATIC dosing system.

Product properties

Alkaline additive effective against animal and vegetable stains.High soil level.Improves the quality of washing, combined with a detergent with surfactants, by raising the pH in the wash bath.

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