Aquagen 2d red sense bp 5 – 5 L

How to use

Neutral floor-cleaner.Extra perfumed effect .


FLOORS: Dilute 2-10 ml/l of the product in water. Wash in the usual way.Vary the dosage according to the level of dirtiness and the desired intensity of the perfume.It´s advisable to use the product at room temperature and not to use water above 40ºC to assure the perfume´s stability.This product is perfect for cleaning all kind of floors and surfaces that can tolerate wet cleaning.

Product properties

Cleaner with bioalcohol.Removes common and heavy dirt from floors and surfaces, leaving an extra long lasting perfume.Does not require rinsing.Suitable for all kind of floors in collectivities and clients in general. Manual use and also for scrubbers.

Hygiene and disinfection solutions

for your business

  • Improves operational performance
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduce your environmental impact and achieve your sustainability goals
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