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TRIBAC 360 ML – 360 ml

TRIBAC 360 ML – 360 ml

How to use

WC Bactericidal.Surface disinfectant.


Automatic dosage: the TWIN WIZARD accessory measures the exact amount of product with each flush. Manual dosage: pour inside the toilet or urinal, rub and leave for the product to work.WASHABLE SURFACES AND FLOORS.Dilute 2-5% of the product in water.Wash in the usual way.Non food areas : no need to rinse. Surfaces which can be in contact with food : rinse the surface with a generous amount of water.Disinfecting efficacy.Product diluted in water at 5%.Contact time: 5 minutes.

Product properties

Eliminates pathogenic microorganisms.Provides a high degree of hygiene.Avoids limescale embedding.Air freshener effect.Avoids discomfort and creates a sense of cleanliness.

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