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How to use

Pack of Disinfection Mat and Drying Mat.


Pour the disinfectant solution over the microfiber area of the carpet until it is completely impregnated.For a uniform distribution of the product over the entire surface, it is recommended to spray using a spray container or a SCT-SPRAY 2 L.Check that the fibers have retained the solution throughout the useful surface.This can be verified by placing a sheet of paper on top and observing the degree to which it is wetted by capillary action..It is advisable to reapply disinfectant solution every two hours under normal conditions of temperature (20-25ºC) and ventilation and an average degree of transit..We recommend using viricidal disinfectant solutions based on quaternary ammonia such as ECOMIX PURE DISINFECTANT, peroxide (active O2) solutions such as AQUAGEN OXAFE or sodium hypochlorite.Always respect the dose indicated in the Technical Data Sheet.The estimated quantity to correctly impregnate the mat is 120 ml.

Product properties

System designed for a safe and effective disinfection of footwear and suitcases at the entrance of all types of premises and commercial establishments.Made of high quality rubber with anti-slip properties.Resistant to temperature variations and chemical attacks.Chemical resistance to disinfecting solutions.Maximum impregnation and retention of the disinfecting solution to extend the period of effective use.

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