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DERMOGEN BS 800 SCT – 800 ml

DERMOGEN BS 800 SCT – 800 ml

How to use

Antiseptic for healthy skin.Hand wash gel.Biocide.


Apply 5 ml product on previously dampened hands and rub to make a generous quantity of foam.Do not forget spaces between the fingers nor your nails.Leave for 30 seconds.Rinse later with water.Repeat the operation.Dry with a drier or towel, preferably only once.Not to be used for those sensitive to its ingredients or for a prolonged period of time.Apply on healthy, clean skin.Use with care on children aged under two.

Product properties

Removes dirt and disinfects.It has bactericidal and fungicidal activity (meets the standard UNE-EN 1276 and EN-1650).Avoids the spread of germs through an effective hand hygiene.Protects the hands.Authorized by the Spanish Agency for medicines and health products.Suitable for professional activities requiring maximum hygiene.Suitable for situations that require preventive action.Perfume free.

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